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Wendy Lamborghini began riding horses at a young age and unbeknownst to her, her life’s road was paved in horseshoes and hooves! Wendy started her riding career with hunter/jumpers, the english disciplines gave her a firm foundation, and years later she fell in love with the

American Quarter horse and western ranch life. 

For the last 20 years Wendy has spent her time working with quality ranch horses, rescuing and rehabilitating horses in need and participating with top trainers to further advance her horsemanship skills. Wendy is an avid competitor in The Stock Horse of Texas, and has done very well in the past few years. Her most recent accomplishments include winning World Champion In the Intermediate Division for 2022, as well as  Champion in the All Around, Pleasure, and Working Cow classes in the Intermediate Division for all of 2022.  Wendy is taking the current year off of showing to focus on her family and will be ready to hit the road again in 2024 in the Non-Pro Division of the Stock Horse of Texas.

Brett Corrigan is a professional luxury pool designer and consultant.  His talent takes him all over the United States to design and consult on the building of these incredibly  beautiful swimming pools.

But at the end of the day, he can be found working around the ranch, helping Wendy with the horses, cattle, and the seemingly endless new animal additions!

"Bruno has been fabulous! I can go for months without riding him and he's never a problem! I would have no hesitation turning to Wendy for my next horse!"

Gretel Neff

"We have bought 8 horses from Wendy over the last 7 years, and have loved every one of them. They have all been exactly as she represented them.  She will tell you their faults as well as their strong points, as she believes honesty is key. Wendy really tries hard to match the horse to the rider, and with her extensive knowledge of her horses she always does a great job at it. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another horse from her."

Michael & Karla Mason

“Thank You for picking us out 2 really good ranch horses.  Rooster & Spanky, are perfect!  The transaction was smooth and the 2 boys are in Heaven!  I am very happy that I have gained a very good friend and kindred spirit in you.  You offer good horses that are actually good ranch work horses that can go on to second careers.  When we get ready to add to our herd I will defiantly be calling and coming to see you."  

Shawn Curtis

"I bought my very first horse from Wendy. I was a timid rider and needed a very calm, forgiving horse, and when I told Wendy what I was looking for she found me the perfect one. She absolutely will not sell you a horse that she doesn't think will work for you and your needs. I've actually seen her turn people down because she knew that horse they wanted wasn't the horse for them.   I have gained so much confidence and really improved my riding ability, and I have Wendy to thank for it. She knows her horses inside and out and truly cares about her horses and her customers, not just about making a sale."

Brandi & Travis Reed

"We bought Macho from these great people and we just

LOVE LOVE LOVE him! He's everything Wendy told us he is!

It's really nice to find good honest  people to do business with!"

Denise Teague


"I had recommended my friend Wendy to a gentleman who was trying to find a kid safe, easy to ride gentle gelding for his young son. His son woke up Christmas morning to find exactly what they had asked for! I was tickled to death that she exceeded their expectations and that I knew I could trust her to represent her horses truthfully!"

Kim Reiss

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