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Sisterdale Springs Ranch

Selling Quality Ranch Horses and Gentle Family Horses

Sisterdale Springs Ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country of Kendall County.  

Owned by Wendy Lamborghini and Brett Corrigan and home to a managerie of animals, including a number of very nice ranch and family horses.  

This small farm and ranch operation is geographically placed amongst some of the biggest ranches in Texas.  Access to these ranches has plenty of benefits and one of them is that many of their good working horses find their second home here at Sisterdale Springs Ranch. 

When their hard working days riding fences and working cattle on the ranch is over, these good horses have many great years left to enjoy!  Some move on to compete in team sorting, playdays and trail challenges, and others have made the most trustworthy family and kid horses! Most of them have been there and done that and are the kind of horse anyone can ride and enjoy!  Wendy spends her days tending to and riding their horses, and even though they are like potato chips, (you can't just have one!)  she does put a couple up for sale from time to time to keep adequate space and a lower feed bill!  Wendy has a passion for matching a horse and rider to better the chances of a lasting and permanent relationship.  She not only cares about each one of her horses, but she would like to see their new owner happy with them!

 She believes in honestly representing what each particular horse is and is not. 

Because of her passion for horses and honest approach, Sisterdale Springs Ranch has placed many horses with riders who enjoy each other for many, many years! 

Come Ride With Us!

We enjoy riding these fine ranch horses and we're sure you will too!  Check out more horses for sale by clicking the link below or go to the Horses 4 Sale Page!

About Wendy

Horses have been Wendy's lifelong passion!  "it's always been an honor to be able to have horses in my life"  says Wendy Lamborghini of Sisterdale Springs Ranch, "and now that we are blessed with acquiring this beautiful ranch, we are better able to enjoy them and share with others the endless joy they bring to life!"

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